Light Switch
Game loaded, click here to play the game!
Use A, D, S, W to move.
Use C key to crouch.
Use space key to jump.
Use L key to lock or unlock cursor.
Use 0 key to frame rate display.
Use moving the mouse to aim.
Use the left mouse to shoot.
Use 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 key to select weapon.
Use R key to raload.
Use 7 key to air strike.
Use E key to zoom.
Use F key to get item/Get in Vehicle.
Use Shift key to hold breath.

Game Details is a multiplayer 3D shooter. You can choose from flying helicopters, shoot tanks, drive APC’s, or fight on foot. In each game, you must complete the mission to bring your team to victory. There are tons of weapons to choose from to fit your style of play as well as tons of detailed levels to explore.

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