Sonic Bubbles

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Sonic Bubbles

All unbloked Sonic Bubble are in this row, select the one you want to use. You start with only the normal Bubble. Unlock as many as you can. When this reaches 0, you get an extra ball. In the first round you can win only one extra ball. This green display will slowly turn white. If it starts turning red you are running out of time! When hit by the ball, they make music! The large ones produce the deepest tones. When the ball is not glowing, they will not disappear. Clcik on the field to launch a Sonic Bubble. Bounce the ball into the right direction by placing the Sonic Bubble just right. This takes a lot of practise!
Remember: You need to hit the ball with a Sonic Bubble to activate it. Only then can it destroy the spheres.

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